UDM is Student-Centered

Access to Faculty

UDM has long been famous for its faculty tradition of close contact with students. UDM does not feature classes with hundreds of students in cavernous auditoriums taught mostly by platoons of graduate student teaching assistants. We are proud that our full time professors make themselves available to students in and outside of office hours. Students who know faculty members by name are a key part of campus culture.

Teaching All Over Campus

The learning process is not limited to formal courses. Nor is it limited to academic projects, theatre productions, clinical work. UDM sees learning as involving all the dimensions of student life. Teaching and learning happen in the residence halls, in UDM athletics, in the Student Health Center and the Student Counseling Center, even in the Campus Security department.

Check these links to get a look at some places where you may not have expected to find the university learning process going on.