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Research at UDM: Universities expect their faculty to contribute to  "peer-reviewed research."

That means three things:

Why Research? - Faculty Author Totals

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The answer goes right to the heart of why universities exist.

Universities are places where students learn to think critically and to understand reality from many different perspectives.  Universities also give grades which testify to a student's competence.  The faculty who teach critical thinking and evaluate student achievement had better know their business.  Universities represent the best in the human desire to understand things accurately and wisely.   Scholarship depends on many people working at the research and editing process in an on-going effort to "get it right."   UDM expects its faculty to be practicing scholars as well as classroom teachers.

2012 - 2013

Total Publications 144

2011 - 2012

Total Publications 151

2010 - 2011

Total Publications 143

The complete list of titles and the program from the 2011 Celebration of Faculty Achievement and information about the 2012 Celebration of Scholarly Achievement can be found at http://research.udmercy.edu/achievement.

2009 - 2010

141 UDM Faculty Authors wrote 137 Total Publications.

In addition, there were 82 Posters and Slideshows by 79 UDM Faculty and 120 UDM Students.

2008 - 2009

107 UDM Faculty Authors wrote 162 Total Publications

2007 - 2008

126 UDM Faculty Authors wrote 142 Total Publications

UDM's faculty edit a number of distinctly different scholarly journals; POST Identity (from the English Department), Technology and Culture (from the History Department and the Office of Mission and Identity), the Institute for North Korean Studies (INKS) (from the College of Business Administration), and many others. Check them out at these links:

2006 - 2007

Only Books published during the 2006 to 2007 academic year were included in the 2007 Celebration

2005 - 2006

All Books published by current UDM Faculty Authors were included in the inaugural brochure.  Publication dates ranged from 1972 to 2006.