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Sisters of Mercy celebrate 175th Anniversary

Dec. 8, 2006

The Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, Regional Community of Detroit, will join Sisters of Mercy across the world in celebrating Foundation Day on Dec. 12, 2006. This day marks the 175th anniversary of the founding of the Sisters of Mercy by Catherine McAuley. Since their foundation in Dublin, Ireland, the Sisters of Mercy have spread worldwide, honoring Catherine McAuley’s dedication to serve people who suffer from poverty, sickness and lack of education, with a special concern for women and children. 

The Detroit Regional Community is also celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Sisters of Mercy in Argentina.  The Argentine community was part of the Detroit Region from 1962 to 2006. 

Foundation Day refers to Dec. 12, 1831 when three sisters made their profession of vows and were first called Sisters of Mercy. It honors the tradition of Mercy followed by Sisters, Associates, Companions in Mercy, Mercy Volunteers and Mercy sponsored ministries worldwide.

175 years after she founded the Sisters of Mercy, Catherine McAuley is on her way to becoming a saint, a process called canonization. The cause to canonize Catherine McAuley advanced in 1990 when she was declared Venerable by decree of Pope John Paul II. The next step in the "making of a saint" is proof of a miracle. 

More information about the 175th anniversary and Catherine’s cause can be found at www.mercyworld.org. A bookmark and prayer cards to help further the cause of Catherine McAuley’s canonization are available from the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, Detroit Regional Community Office by calling (248) 476-8000.