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Jesuit Community - Lansing-Reilly Hall

The Jesuit Community at University of Detroit Mercy

Si Hendry

Rev. Simon Hendry, S.J.
Superior of the Jesuit Community at UDM 
Director, Catholic Studies Program
University Affiliation: Since 2007
Research Interests: Spirituality and Social Justice
Ph.D Dissertation: "Ruined for Life: The Spirituality of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps"

Publication: Co-author of "Using Principles of Catholic Social Thought to Evaluate Business Activities," Journal of Catholic Social Thought, Barbara Wall, 10.1, Winter 2013, 155-177

Gerard Albright SJ

Rev. R. Gerard Albright, S.J.
Professor of Biology, College of Engineering & Science
University Affiliation: Since 1960

2014 Jubilarian: Celebrating 70 years in the Society of Jesus.

Fred Benda

Rev. Fred Benda, S.J.
Jesuit in Residence, English Department
University Affiliation: Since 2008

 Gerard Cavanagh

Rev. Gerald Cavanagh, S.J.
College of Business Administration
Charles T. Fisher III Chair of Business Ethics and Professor of Management, College of Business Administration
University Affiliation: Since 1972

2014 Jubilarian: Celebrating 50 years as a priest.

Tim Hipskind

Rev. Tim Hipskind, SJ
Director of Service Learning
University Affiliation: Since 2010

Brother Dick Hittle, SJ
Alcoholic Counselor, Certified
lives off campus
University Affiliation: Since 2010

Rev. Jean Ikanga, SVD
PhD Student, Clinical Psychology
University Affiliation: Since 2009


Rev. Justin Kelly, S.J.
Associate Professor, Religious Studies
University Affiliation: Since 1972

Presentation: "Pride and Prejudice at 200: Why Jane Austin's Classic is Still So Good," New American Lyceum, Farmington Hills, MI, July 2013

2014 Jubilarian: Celebrating 60 years in the Society of Jesus.

Joel Medina, S.J.

Fr. Joel Medina, S.J.
College of Health Professions and University Ministry
University Affiliation: Since 2013

Fr. Jim O'Reilly, S.J.
Pastor of St. Peter Claver Parish and Counselor
Loyola High School.

2014 Jubilarian: Celebrating 70 years in the Society of Jesus.

Rev. John Saliba, S.J.

Rev. John Saliba, S.J.
Professor, Religious Studies
University Affiliation: Since 1970

2014 Jubilarian: Celebrating 60 years in the Society of Jesus.

Bob Scullin

Rev. Bob Scullin, SJ
Pastor, Gesu Church
University Affiliation: Since 2009
Former Provincial, Detroit Province

2014 Jubilarian: Celebrating 50 years in the Society of Jesus.

Jim Serrick, SJ

Rev. James Serrick, SJ
Pastoral Work, Gesu Parish
University Affiliation: Since 2009

Rev. Raphael Shen, S.J.

Rev. Raphael Shen, S.J.
Professor of Economics, College of Liberal Arts and Education
University Affiliation: Since 1977

Rev. John Staudenmaier, S.J.

Rev. John Staudenmaier, S.J.
Assistant to the President for Mission and Identity
Trustee: University of Detroit Mercy (2010 -)
Emeritus Editor in Chief, "Technology and Culture: International Journal of the Society for the History of Technology"
University Affiliation: Since 1980
Web sites:

Recent Research: "1932, April or May: Diego Rivera meets Henry Ford for a private lunch at Ford's Fairlane Estate. Henry Ford’s Rouge River Plant and Industrial Beauty"

Rev. Gilbert Sunghera, S.J.

Rev. Gilbert Sunghera, S.J.
Assistant Professor, School of Architecture
University Affiliation: From 1998-1999; 2005 to present

Rev. David Watson, S.J.

Rev. David Watson, S.J.
Minister/House Manager of  the Jesuit Community
Sacramental Minister, 2011 to present
University Affiliation: Since 2004

Rev. Gary Wright, S.J.

Rev. Gary Wright, S.J.
Director, Faith in the D
UDM Board of Trustees
Board of Consulters of the Chicago-Detroit Province of the Society of Jesus
National Implementation Task Force on the Renewal of Jesuit Life
University Affiliation: Since 1997


Lansing-Reilly Hall
4001 W. McNichols Road
Detroit, MI 48221-3038

The Jesuit Community at UDM resides in Lansing-Reilly Hall on the McNichols Campus. The building is one of the oldest on campus, built in 1926 when the McNichols Campus opened.