Jesuit Community - Lansing-Reilly Hall

The Jesuit Community at University of Detroit Mercy

Si Hendry

Rev. Simon Hendry, S.J.
Superior of the Jesuit Community at UDM 
Director, Catholic Studies Program
University Affiliation: Since 2007
Research Interests: Spirituality and Social Justice
Ph.D Dissertation: "Ruined for Life: The Spirituality of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps"

Publication: Co-author of "Using Principles of Catholic Social Thought to Evaluate Business Activities," Journal of Catholic Social Thought, Barbara Wall, 10.1, Winter 2013, 155-177

Gerard Albright SJ

Rev. R. Gerard Albright, S.J.
Professor of Biology, College of Engineering & Science
University Affiliation: Since 1960

Fred Benda

Rev. Fred Benda, S.J.
Jesuit in Residence, English Department
University Affiliation: Since 2008

 Gerard Cavanagh

Rev. Gerald Cavanagh, S.J.
College of Business Administration
Charles T. Fisher III Chair of Business Ethics and Professor of Management, College of Business Administration
University Affiliation: Since 1972

Tim Hipskind

Rev. Tim Hipskind, SJ
Director of Service Learning
University Affiliation: Since 2010

Brother Dick Hittle, SJ
Alcoholic Counselor, Certified
lives off campus
University Affiliation: Since 2010

Rev. Jean Ikanga, SVD
PhD Student, Clinical Psychology
University Affiliation: Since 2009


Rev. Justin Kelly, S.J.
Associate Professor, Religious Studies
University Affiliation: Since 1972

Presentation: "Pride and Prejudice at 200: Why Jane Austin's Classic is Still So Good," New American Lyceum, Farmington Hills, MI, July 2013

Joel Medina, S.J.

Fr. Joel Medina, S.J.
College of Health Professions and University Ministry
University Affiliation: Since 2013

Fr. Jim O'Reilly, S.J.
Pastor of St. Peter Claver Parish and Counselor
Loyola High School.

Rev. John Saliba, S.J.

Rev. John Saliba, S.J.
Professor, Religious Studies
University Affiliation: Since 1970

Bob Scullin

Rev. Bob Scullin, SJ
Pastor, Gesu Church
University Affiliation: Since 2009
Former Provincial, Detroit Province

Jim Serrick, SJ

Rev. James Serrick, SJ
Pastoral Work, Gesu Parish
University Affiliation: Since 2009

Rev. Raphael Shen, S.J.

Rev. Raphael Shen, S.J.
Professor of Economics, College of Liberal Arts and Education
University Affiliation: Since 1977

Rev. John Staudenmaier, S.J.

Rev. John Staudenmaier, S.J.
Assistant to the President for Mission and Identity
Trustee: University of Detroit Mercy (2010 -)
Emeritus Editor in Chief, "Technology and Culture: International Journal of the Society for the History of Technology"
University Affiliation: Since 1980
Web sites:

Recent Research: "1932, April or May: Diego Rivera meets Henry Ford for a private lunch at Ford's Fairlane Estate. Henry Ford’s Rouge River Plant and Industrial Beauty"

Rev. Gilbert Sunghera, S.J.

Rev. Gilbert Sunghera, S.J.
Assistant Professor, School of Architecture
University Affiliation: From 1998-1999; 2005 to present

Rev. David Watson, S.J.

Rev. David Watson, S.J.
Minister/House Manager of  the Jesuit Community
Sacramental Minister, 2011 to present
University Affiliation: Since 2004

Rev. Gary Wright, S.J.

Rev. Gary Wright, S.J.
Director, Faith in the D
UDM Board of Trustees
Board of Consulters of the Chicago-Detroit Province of the Society of Jesus
National Implementation Task Force on the Renewal of Jesuit Life
University Affiliation: Since 1997


Lansing-Reilly Hall
4001 W. McNichols Road
Detroit, MI 48221-3038

The Jesuit Community at UDM resides in Lansing-Reilly Hall on the McNichols Campus. The building is one of the oldest on campus, built in 1926 when the McNichols Campus opened.