UDM is a University

A thousand years:

Bologna (1088), Paris (1100) and Oxford (1117) tell us that universities have been around a long  time.   Universities create places where people can work out their differences without warfare and blood.   Faculty and students are expected to respect criticism from people with whom they differ,  in a search to understand reality (more than to win an argument).  This is not easy and passions can run high.  Still, universities have endured for all these centuries.

Why is that?

Probably because human societies have recognized that violent solutions tear at the fabric of society, that the slow work of learning and teaching weaves and sometime re-weaves the social fabric.  Universities endure as society's commitment to the basic maxim:  "the pen is mightier than the sword."

What do universities do?

Universities have three main commitments.

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UDM does university in its own way. 

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