UDM is Catholic

UDM is Catholic

How does God approach the world?

Over the centuries Catholic theology has understood God as loving the world  first and as working to redeem the world as flowing from God's love. The word “first” matters. The revelation of God as loving first is rooted in Genesis where God finds each day’s creation good and in the Incarnation. Jesus does not come to earth seconds before his redemptive death and resurrection. First he learns his way into a thoroughly human life, falls in love with the human condition and then lays down his life for its salvation.

This is not easy theology.

Nonetheless, the relentless drumbeat of human bad behavior has often tempted people to imagine that we must first defeat evil where we can, and create enclaves inside of which good can thrive. Catholicism emphasizes the longer view and works to integrate the many different textures of human condition into the life of faith.  The process of human conversion is understood to be gradual and life long for everyone. At their best, Catholics engage the world with patience, courage, love and a durable sense of humor.

A Catholic University

A Catholic university like UDM sees its commitment to strong research and equally strong teaching and to service as a sacred calling.  UDM studies the glories of creation in literature, science, the arts and the professions.  UDM also works to heal the world's often brutal wounds as one part of its primary commitment:  to serve God's love for the whole of creation.