Project Criteria / Examples

There are only 5 criteria a project or activity must meet to be considered for a Mission Micro Grant:

  • The project or activity must promote one or more elements of UDM’s mission;
  • You must personally be involved in the project or activity (no pass through funding of other people’s projects, please);
  • You must be employed by the University during the time the project or activity takes place;
  • The grant monies must be spent in the same fiscal year in which they are received;
  • You must be available to attend a working lunch in late August of the academic year in which you receive your grant. At this gathering you will meet with other grant recipients and the Micro Grant Program committee to discuss how your project/activity turned out.  

What type of projects and activities can get funded?

You tell us—what are you doing or want to do?

  • Invite a guest speaker to your classroom?
  • Purchase a digital camera to record the life stories of elderly immigrants in Metro Detroit?
  • Provide scholarships for local middle school students to take a computerized writing workshop?
  • Purchase coffee for weekly student discussions of mission related matters at the Grounds Coffeehaus?
  • Take UDM students to a community lecture or arts exhibit?
  • Provide support for a baby crib design project for wheelchair access?
  • Cover the operating costs for a class project to provide energy audits to nonprofits?
  • Pay for the material costs for support workshops for local math teachers?