Mission and Identity

Why this website?

University of Detroit Mercy's c. 1,300 employees are expected to bring competence to their job descriptions. The relatively recent (esatblished 2005) Office of Mission & Identity (M&I) is explicitly charged with nourishing employee conversations about the soul of the University as it is integrated with the body. M&I's nine programs integrate the University's "soul" (research, teaching, Mercy and Jesuit traditions, Roman Catholic and urban commitments, etc.) with Detroit Mercy's "body" (budget management, public image management, capital projects, long-term maintenance, etc.).

Detroit Mercy Self-study for the Conference of Mercy Higher Education

View the PDF of Detroit Mercy's Self-study for the Conference of Mercy Higher Education site visit, March 12-14, 2017.

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Spiritual Exercises: Articles

Texts provided in Adobe Reader (PDF) format

  • "Sensual Prayer - Electronic Context: Ignatian Prayer for Internet Users"
    A look at the electronic media, including the Internet, as important influences on our lives. Which disciplines of prayer can help us meet God in the electronic dimensions of life? Download text
  • "Electric Lights Cast Long Shadows: Seeking the Greater Good in a World of Competing Clarities"
    This lecture considers a commonplace technology, electric lights, and how an interrogation of artificial lighting might help us understand the Ignatian form of prayer known as "seeking the greater good." Download text

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