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Suggested Readings

Sources to prepare for February

"Bernard loved the valleys, Benedict loved the hills, Francis the towns, Ignatius the great cities"
-- ubiquitous saying

Provided readings

Landmarking, Thomas M. Lucas, sj (Chicago: Loyola Press, 1997)

Preface by John Padberg, sj (3 page .pdf file)
Chapter 9 "Landmarking" (16 page .pdf file)

When Tom Lucas published Landmarking quite a few people saw his book as addressing an important dimension of Jesuit historical and present tense identity, it's been called "ground breaking." We chose these two selections that could be helpful for a pre-conference session with your university's participants.

John Padberg's brief preface situates the book in the context of the lead document from the Jesuits' 34th General Congregation in 1995 -- the document is titled "Servants of Christ's Mission." Both Padberg's sketch of the realities of urban centers around the world, his synopsis of what Lucas is up to in the book, and the quotations he selects from "Servants in Christ's Mission" could make a good brief discussion piece in preparation for coming to Detroit in February.

Chapter 9 -- "Landmarking" You can divide this concluding chapter into two halves.

  1. pp. 155-163 a vivid account of the Jesuit strategy to plan, raise the money for, and gradually create what Italian urban historians Enrico Guidoni and Angela Marino describe as a "Jesuit Pole" in Rome. A good read.
  2. More important for our purposes, pages 163-169 is Lucas' interpretation of Ignatius as a leader who was both mystical and pragmatic and who saw cities as heart of the Jesuit vow of mobility -- "to go anywhere in the world."

For Loyola Maryland's web posting on "Ignatius and the Urban Apostolate" (including notes on T Lucas' book, see http://www.loyola.edu/yotc/ignatius.html)