Heartland-Delta Faculty Conversations February 25-27, 2011

The conference title can stir lots of questions.

Here's a sampler:

  • How does each HD university imagine its city?
  • How do our schools experience tensions between the city and the campus
    • creative tensions that stimulate new thinking
    • town-gown irritabilities that seem to present more as problems to be managed than sources of creativity?
  • How do our cities influence:
    • our marketing
    • the design of academic programs?
  • Are resources available on campus about the Jesuit tradition of choosing cities as core places to live and work (e.g. Thomas Lucas, Landmarking)?

It is very likely we chose the theme partly because the urban part of UDM's mission is so important in our overall self-understanding and partly because we find the city of Detroit, right now, to be remarkably interesting. Among other reasons, the new administration of Mayor Dave Bing seems to be reaching a critical mass of creative thinkers, foundations, corporate investors etc. This is the most interesting time in Detroit's last half century and has a shot at becoming something of a bellwether moment.

Want to come to Motown to talk and think about all our universities in each of our cities? Jesuit universities as citizens of their cities. People who work at Jesuit universities as citizens of their cities. Lots to talk about. Hope you can come..