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Post-grad volunteer programs

What are you doing after graduation?  Are you still trying to figure this out? 

Have you ever considered volunteering for a year or two after graduation?  

  You have lots of choices even after you commit to doing service.  There are many programs that are available to men and women who want to make a commitment.  We recommend joining ones sponsored by the founders of our university, the Jesuits and the Sisters of Mercy. 

Each is committed to the pursuit of justice within a faith context, community and simple lifestyle. Be a part of something bigger.  You can find your personal niche while staying connected.  The experience goes beyond the year(s) which you serve.  The opportunities are diverse and the experience is in common. 

If that sounds like you, check out the websites below or contact:

University Ministry

Jesuit Volunteer Corps
Mercy Volunteer Corps
For more volunteer opportunities:

Catholic Network of Volunteer Service @ http://www.cnvs.org/.