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St. Ignatius Chapel

The St. Ignatius Chapel is a wonderful spiritual resource on the University of Detroit Mercy McNichols campus. Located in the Commerce and Finance building, the combination of contemporary and traditional architectural forms found in the chapel makes it an ideal place for worship, prayer and reflection. Catholic Mass is offered in the chapel Monday through Friday and on Sunday nights (for Mass times, please see our schedule of services). People of ALL faiths are welcome to visit the chapel during the University's normal business hours.

Young Martyr's Chapel

The Young Martyr's Chapel, located in Shiple Hall, is a convenient place of prayer and reflection for many residential students. The south-facing wall of Young Martyr's features a beautiful stained glass portrayal of young people who devoted their lives to God and their faith. This chapel celebrates the youth of the Church and the continued life they give to our community. Catholic Mass is offered on certain weeknights of Term I and II (for Mass times, please see our schedule of services).

Young Martyrs Chapel