Retreats & Opportunities for Growth

ASB West Virginia 2011

Everything we offer in University Ministry will support your personal development!  But the following activities are designed especially to facilitate your personal growth through reflection, input and interaction.  In one-on-one or small-group settings tailored to the individuals involved, you can focus in on where you're at, what you need, and how the Spirit of God is moving... in you!

Busy Persons Retreat: Need time out from your insane schedule?  Or time to reflect on your life and where you’re going?  Want to grow in prayer?  Try this personalized, on-campus retreat, tailored to meet your own schedule.  Offered in both fall and winter semesters... More
Horizons : A retreat designed for new students at UDM. This 3-day off-campus retreat offers incoming students a chance to reflect on the transition to college, connect with new friends, and reconnect with God and themselves. Offered just before PTV... More
Prayer Groups and Bible Study:  Each year, student groups form for discussion and prayer in various styles, depending on student interest. If you would like to be part of a group this year, please contact... More
About Catholic Faith and Sacraments. If you're wondering about the Catholic Church, its beliefs and practices, or are thinking about becoming Catholic, come and explore with us. Confirmation and First Communion preparation also... More