Other Retreats

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Other retreats are offered at various times of the year, ranging in length from a few hours to a weekend away.  No particular religious background is needed to be able to enjoy and benefit from a retreat.

  • Student organizations, athletic teams, and student groups are encouraged to consider a retreat together. 
  • A retreat can meet the spirituality needs of students pursuing the ILS Leadership Pin or Medallion. 

University Ministry will work directly with you to custom-design a retreat that will meet the needs of you or your group, for an experience that you will remember for years as a milestone in your life.  Retreats are an opportunity to take some time out to reflect upon your life, your purpose and your relationships. 

If you would like more information, please come to the University Ministry offices, across from the Bookstore, or e-mail ministry@udmercy.edu, or call 993-1560.