Get Involved

We want you to get involved.

Two of the biggest questions first-year college students ask themselves are "how am I going to meet people and make friends" and "how am I going to excel academically." Those questions have the same answer: "get involved."

Students who play sports, join social and cultural organizations, represent their peers in student government, or participate in service projects make more friends, feel more connected, and have a better overall college experience than those who never leave their rooms except to go to class or the dining room. They also get better grades—no matter how heavy their course load is.

So join up. UDM has more than 65 clubs and organizations to choose from. Intramural sports are really popular, particularly basketball and the winner-take-all euchre games at the Grounds Coffeehaus. Creative types gravitate toward our Theatre Company or our improv comedy troupe. And community service is huge, with the Student Volunteer Association, the Student Senate, and our fraternities and sororities all organizing service activities.