Special Opportunities

We want you to reach a little higher.

Yes, our programs are rigorous. Yes, our faculty is knowledgeable and supportive. But to really get the most out of everything UDM offers, you need to learn and explore outside the classroom as well. We offer several specialized programs designed to help you do just that.

  • UDM's Cooperative Education Program places approximately 350 undergraduate students each year in career-related positions at businesses and institutions across the country. Not only will you get fantastic professional experience, you also earn a salary.
  • The Academic Exploration Program is designed to help you chose a major and fit your education to your needs and interests. Working one-on-one with an advisor, you can choose courses from a variety of disciplines as you find—or create—your own niche. And you'll have plenty of company—almost half of UDM's incoming freshmen participate in AEP (and they have some of our best test scores).
  • Our Five-year Programs accelerate your progress, allowing you to earn both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in a growing field, such as Physician Assistant or Cyber Security. And through our 7-year program, you can fast-track your acceptance to dental school and emerge, job-ready.
  • The Honors Program brings together top students from every academic discipline to learn from one another. Each term there are new courses and seminars to take, new projects to tackle, and new goals to pursue as you earn credit for directed reading, independent research, and service learning opportunities.
  • Nothing sharpens your understanding of the world like Study Abroad. And given the global nature of just about everything these days, experience living and working with people from other cultures can really pay off. Our Study Abroad programs can take you to Australia, China, England, Greece, Italy, Mexico, and Poland.
  • The co-curricular Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is designed to educate, engage, and empower all UDM students. Using the “Social Change Model,” the ELP offers you the opportunity to explore your leadership potential and abilities through involvement in programs, events, and activities that include learning, leadership, spirituality, and service, on and off campus.  All UDM students have the chance to experience and live the UDM Mission.  As you do so, you will be involved in community engagement and learn to exhibit leadership for the common good. Those students who choose to intentionally develop their leadership capacity will be recognized for their achievements by earning a Leadership Pin and Medallion.
  • Many of the courses at UDM have service as an integral part of the course. We have come to call these courses with a service component, "Service-Learning". Sometimes the service element is introduced as a way for the students to apply the knowledge they are learning in the course. At other times it provides a personal experience that sheds light on other things they are learning. At all times it provides an opportunity to learn as well as serve, and it allows students to take a more active role in the mission of UDM.