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Service Learning 2020

1. SL nuts and Bolts

   A. * Elements of SL from Michigan Journal Course Design Workbook p. 12, 23-4, 38-40

   B. Webinar incl powerpoint Outline

          i.      Link to Webinar

         ii.      Link to Powerpoint Guide

   C. * SL Manual Outcomes and section on Leadership Model, pp. 8-10

   D. * UDM Social Change Model One Page Model

   E. Original HERI Social Change Model (No Hard Copy)

          i.      Full 165 page Guidebook

          ii.      Two page summary

   F. * Service-Learning Snapshot 2012 Two page “Service-Learning at UDM”

   G. * 2012 Survey results re: SL at UDM Two pages, 2 charts each; plus two one page charts – slides 7-9, 11, 17)

   H.-I. (Items in SL 2020 Binder Only)

   J. Yorio & Ye - Meta-Analysis of SL Outcomes

   K. MSL Results UDM 2009 and 2012

       i. MSL quick overview #1

       ii. MSL quick overview #2

2.   SJ – Mercy Traditions and Service-Learning

   A. SL Manual – Adapting the Social Change Model Sponsors’ Values section pp. 6-7

       i.      Link at 1c. above

   B. * PHK Santa Clara address Two Page Excerpt

        i.      Loyola Justice Commitment

   C. * Reed-Bouley Manual on TR and Social Analysis in the Mercy tradition Two Page Highlights

        i.  Social Analysis and Theological Reflection

   D.  Adolfo Nicolas Address in Mexico City-April 2010

5. Service Learning Pedagogy

   A. Michigan Journal Course Design Workbook (See Item 2.A. above.)

   B. Excerpts from Eyler and Giles, Where is the Learning in Service-Learning?

   C. UDM Service-Learning Manual (See Item 2.C. above.)

   D. Reflection Guides