Finding Opportunities to Serve in the Community

Here are some options for finding places you can serve according to your gifts and needs!

Try the list of opportunities that ILS has identified for you!

  • First: Click on the type of Service Opportunities you are looking for.  The opportunities are with agencies who are familiar with UDM, ILS, and Service-Learning.
  1. All Opportunities
  2. Direct Service Only
  3. Poverty-related (includes issues of hunger, homelessness and poverty)
  4. Working with Youth
  5. Environmental Work (includes Fighting Blight, Community Gardens, Beautification, Clean Water)
  6. Health-related (includes Physical Health, Mental Health, Disabilities and Substance Abuse)
  7. Weekend Opportunities (Opportunities from the above lists that are available on the weekends)
  8. Summer Only Opportunities
  • Then: Choose the opportunity that interests you and contact the person listed for that agency. These folks coordinate volunteers like you.

For a map of the different service learning locations follow this link, Service Learning Locations.