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Harry S. Truman Scholarship


Since its creation in 1975, the Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation supports the graduate education and professional development of outstanding young people committed to public service leadership. Click here for more information on how to apply!

Upcoming Events for the Emerging Leaders Program!

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Ford Community Corps Partnerships

Ford Community Corps Partnerships

The Ford Community Corps Partnerships (FCCP) is a grant for faculty and students to develop and implement creative service-learning projects.  Interested in participating for the 2016-17 academic year? Click here for more information.

Campus Kitchen

Campus Kitchen

Now recruiting Leadership Team members! Click here for more information.

Summer Activity Featured on National Website.

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The source of human learning shows in Institute presentations from projects and courses:


Consider starting your professional life by giving back to your community!

Here are three of our top recommendations for sharing a year of service, more valuable to you in a marginal to poor job market. Start your career in good company, and increase what you have to offer.

The Institute is Celebrating our 20th Anniversary

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Colleen w-LDI students 

Colleen Kaminski (first Director of the Institute) with some early participants in Institute programs


UDM highlights leadership in our education of the student, service learning, and in student life. Student leaders help us continue the work of Catherine McAuley and Ignatius of Loyola in compassionate care of the poor and marginalized by seeing, feeling, helping, and fostering lasting change.