LEAD 4000/PYC 4950 Leadership Capstone

Leadership:  Don't leave UDM without it!

Leadership 4000/Psychology 4950:
Leadership Capstone

Open to students of all majors – Pre-requisite: LEAD 2000/PYC 2620

Intergrating your knowledge and experiences of leadership, this course allows you to:

  • Gain knowledge and understanding of theory, research, and applications of leadership models.
  • Clarify dimensions of each student's own values, beliefs, attitudes and personal leadership style through assessment, reflection, and action.
  • Understand and develop a leadership style which appreciates the differences in ethnic, gender, and professional style of others.
  • Gain experience in leadership performance through participation in: simulated experiences, servant leadership, volunteer service, working with student organizations, civic groups, community groups or political activities.
  • Experience collaborative leadership and followership as modeled by the course instructor and students.
  • Increase awareness of community needs and how to use leadership and mentoring skills for the betterment of a community.
  • Develop a long range plan for individual leadership development.
  • Accomplish the above with professional and academic integrity and honesty. Jeopardizing this objective, through means of plagiarism or cheating, will resultin failure of the course.

Leadership is a process of visioning, initiating, guiding, and encouraging a group to accomplish positive change.  Everyone has the capacity to engage in leadership!

This course is a requirement of the Leadership Minor and the Emerging Leaders Program Medallion award. The course is offered every semester and taught by Dr. Kathleen Zimmerman-Oster.