FAQs about GM Students Corps

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long will the program run?

The program is 10 weeks long with a one week vacation during the 4th of July week.  It will kick off in late June and wrap up in late August.

What are the days and times for work?

The typical work week will be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday on site at the assigned high school. The workday times are from 8am-5pm. However, there will also be work expected to be completed off-site on your own and occasional additional meetings called.

At which high schools will the projects be located?


Detroit Central Collegiate Academy

East Detroit

Flint Southwestern


Harper Woods

Henry Ford






River Rouge

How will I know what school I have been assigned to?

You will receive an email indicating what school you have been assigned to with your team leaders contact information.

When will I meet with my team?

You will meet with your team a few times in April and May before the actual program takes place. During these meeting you will get a chance to get acquainted with your team and brainstorm project ideas.

Who will be my direct supervisor?

Your team leader, a GM retiree, will be the person you would report to for any questions, concerns, tardies, absences and etc.

Will I work in the same location every day? 

Once you are assigned to a high school and you meet with your team, a decision of your work site will be made based upon the project that is agreed upon. 

What will the average day of a UDM intern look like?

The average day will consist of you planning with your team, communicating with the team, especially team leaders, helping with the team's project, purchasing supplies, organizing lunch purchases, maintaining the team's records such as attendance, receipts, and other paperwork and any other tasks that maybe assigned. There may also be days that interns are required to meet at GM for special trainings and meetings.

What should I bring to work every day?

Each workday you should have your GM company laptop, corporate credit card, something to collect receipts, life skills session materials, and your cell phone.

Is there a dress code?

You will be required to wear your GM Student Corps shirt during the workweek and on tours. On days you may have meetings at the General Motors offices, the dress is business casual.

Will lunch be provided?

Yes. While lunch is not typically provided for other GM internships, lunch and water will be provided for the entire Student Corps team every work day. If the team makes lunch selections that you do not like, you are welcome to bring your own.

Am I responsible for my own transportation?

You will be responsible for your own transportation to and from your assigned high school.  But, you will travel to your work site and tours with your team in a GM van.

What if I have a vacation planned?  Can I take time off?

Since the program is only 10 weeks with one week already given off for vacation, it is highly encouraged for you to be present every work day. If you are planning a vacation, you are best to target the week of July 4th which you will already have off. However, if an absence is unavoidable, you are expected to communicate with your retiree supervisor and GM program coordinators as early as possible so that your role as team purchaser can be covered.  You will not be paid for days you are absent. No more than three absences are allowed.

What will the stipend be?

The stipend will depend on your class standing (sophomore, junior, senior, graduate student) and once you are accepted into the program, GM will contact you with your base salary. The average intern salary at GM is in the range of $3,200 per month.

If you have additional questions, please email gmstudentcorps@gm.com