Application Information

1. GM Student Corps Program Online Application: The online application is a survey link document to candidate information and short answer responses. On the short answer page, you may select any of the 3 prompts to respond to.

2. Faculty Recommendation Form: Please forward this link, to two individuals who can provide a recommendation about you. References will be asked to provide information that describes your academic ability, leadership and service qualities and/or experiences; as well as evaluate your motivation and commitment for the program. Ideally, your references will speak knowledgeably about your leadership abilities, your commitment to service, and your potential for further leadership and service development. It is recommended for one reference to be completed by a teacher/faculty member and for the second to be completed by a current or former professional reference/employer. Personal references are discouraged.

3. Application deadline: The application deadline is Tuesday January 31st. Early application submissions are encouraged. The selection process is competitive.

4. Selection Process:

Small group interviews will be held in early February. You will be contacted by email or phone to schedule an interview time.

Students will be notified of acceptance on or before February 28th.



Group Interviews:
Monday 2/6 - 11:30-1:00, 1:00-2:30, 2:30-4:00
Thursday 2/9 - 11:30-1:00