Awards and Requirements

Grantee awards include:

  • A $500 stipend to each participating faculty member for their work in integrating the service project into a course for the Winter term of 2016. This course is or will be a service-learning course for Winter 2016.
  • An award package to each participating student-leader for completing the following tasks to contribute to the project.
    • In Fall 2015, student leaders will receive full tuition remission, if needed, for attending the FCCP leadership course (3 credits). All students will conduct community assessments and develop action plan. Note: Total tuition remission including this grant plus students existing financial aid package will not exceed total tuition costs.
    • In Winter 2016, all students coordinate the Service-Learning project, lead the granted class, and receive $1,500 stipend.
Student leader tasks include:
  • Enrolling and completing coursework for LEAD 2000 (Winter/Spring 2015) and LEAD 4000 (Fall 2015) courses
  • Assessing the needs and assets of the target population being served by the proposed project;
  • Coordinating and monitoring the work of the students enrolled in the Winter 2016 service-learning course;
  • Assisting the faculty member to complete the project with surveys, reports, correspondence, etc. as needed for the project.
NOTE: The student-leader will not be enrolled in the service-learning course in which the proposal is implemented; rather they will serve as a teaching assistant and/or project coordinator. Ideally the student-leader will have been previously enrolled in the course, or at have some familiarity with the course material.

Click here to download the program structure chart and timeline.