Awards and Requirements

Grantee awards include:

  • A $500 stipend to each participating faculty member for their work in integrating the service project into a course for the Winter term of 2016. This course is or will be a service-learning course for Winter 2016.
  • An award package to each participating student-leader for completing the following tasks to contribute to the project.
    • In Fall 2015, student leaders will receive full tuition remission, if needed, for attending the FCCP leadership course (3 credits). All students will conduct community assessments and develop action plan. Note: Students will not have to pay any extra for LEAD 4000 or LEAD 2000. If a student is not paying the flat rate tuition, or if they are not getting scholarship that covers the LEAD courses, the Institute will arrange for tuition remission. 
Student leader tasks include:
  • Enrolling and completing coursework for LEAD 2000 (Winter/Spring 2015) and LEAD 4000 (Fall 2015) courses
  • Assessing the needs and assets of the target population being served by the proposed project;
  • Coordinating and monitoring the work of the students enrolled in the Winter 2016 service-learning course;
  • Assisting the faculty member to complete the project with surveys, reports, correspondence, etc. as needed for the project.
NOTE: The student-leader will not be enrolled in the service-learning course in which the proposal is implemented; rather they will serve as a teaching assistant and/or project coordinator. Ideally the student-leader will have been previously enrolled in the course, or at have some familiarity with the course material.

Click here to download the program structure chart and timeline.