Ford Community Corps Partnerships Grantees 2013-2014


We are proud to announce the student-faculty partnerships receiving the Ford Community Corps Partnerships Grant for the 2013-2014 academic year!

  • Senee' Shearer and Kathleen Zimmerman-Oster (CLAE): UDM students will assist Loyola High School students with the college planning process by presenting on topics such as stress management, time management, personal leadership, emotional intelligence, and how to select a college/career/etc.  
  • Alexandria Schmidt and Constance Burke Schmidt (CLAE, CHP): Physician Assistant students will participate in urban garden development and develop a proposal of how best to meet the needs of the community.  Students will educate staff at Detroit Rescue Mission about the benefits of a healthy diet, and the student leader will be producing and editing a documentary of this project. 
  • Jason Beavers, Megan Parikh, Roshni Shah, and Trevor Mannausa (Residence Life): Freshman resident students will assist in planning the UDM Healthy Kids Camp that focuses on healthy living, nutrition, obesity, and community development for Detroit students.
  • Natalie Dumais, Kaitlyn Kus, Andrea Kwasky, and Catherine Corrigan (NUR):  Nursing students will conduct interviews with the guests of Detroit-area agencies, and the primary goal is to build a sense of community as well as a voice and representation of the guests. 
  • Nicole Meisner, Fatimah Muhammad, Jemica Carter, and Charles Wilson (CLAE): UDM students will educate staff and students at local schools about cyber-bullying and its effects.  Students also will conduct activities and introduce coping methods for bullied students.
  • Migladys Bermudez and David Koelsch (LAW): Law students will interview low-income immigrants at Southwest Solutions and offer legal advice regarding their options to educate and empower the clients.   
  • Alani Letang and Jason Roche (CLAE): Communications students will produce a video for Brightmoor Alliance and “Restore the Moor”.  The first video will be an informative one on Brightmoor Alliance to show to its clients, and the “Restore the Moor” video will encourage students to attend college. 
  • Shannon Marchant and Steve Corder (Athletics): UDM athletes will develop a substance abuse prevention and pro alternative program for students at Jalen Rose Leadership Academy.  The program will foster positive personal development, educate students about the dangers of substance abuse, and offer suggestions for alternatives to alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.
  • Shannon Marchant and Kathleen Zimmerman-Oster (CLAE): UDM students will assist students at U of D Jesuit High School and Bishop Foley High School in preparing for college.  Bishop Foley students will then design their own interactive presentations using the leadership and teamwork skills they have learned through "Step Up-Be A Leader" to guide junior high school students in the transition to high school.