Ford Community Corps Partnerships Grantees 2014-2015


We are proud to announce the student-faculty partnerships receiving the Ford Community Corps Partnerships Grant for the 2014-2015 academic year!

  • Shannon Marchant and Dr. Kathleen Zimmerman-Oster: UDM Emerging Leaders Program students will take part in a group mentoring program called “Step Up:  Be A Leader and Pay It Forward.” This innovative program involves UDM students providing group mentoring and lessons in social skills designed to help high school student’s transition to college. The high school students then “Pay It Forward” by teaching the same skills to local junior high and middle school students. Stress and time management, proper use of social media, and techniques for reducing aggression, prejudice, and substance abuse are among the skills taught during the course of the program. This multi-faceted program will assist students at Loyola High School, Hamtramck High School, University of Detroit Jesuit High School, and Bishop Foley Catholic High School.
  • In addition, Shannon Marchant and Steve Corder (with Dr. Kathleen Zimmerman-Oster) will work with UDM student athletes to expand the Step Up Program to work with students at the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy.  A particular focus of this group mentoring will be on helping the students to focus on “being a scholar athlete for life” so that they will value lifelong learning and balance between academics and athletics.
  • Megan Parikh, Roshni Shah, Trevor Mannausa: UDM freshman resident students will assist in planning the UDM Healthy Kids Camp.  These one day camps will focus on healthy living, nutrition, obesity, and community development for Bagley Elementary and two other Detroit schools. 
  • Natalie Dumais, Kaitlyn Kus, Dr. Andrea Kwasky and Dr. Catherine Corrigan:  The students in a Nursing Directed Study and service learning class will visit Ss. Peter and Paul Warming Shelter and interview the homeless guests to learn about their health issues and concerns.  The students will then create pamphlets and brochures that address the most common illnesses to educate and empower the homeless visitors to the shelter.  
  • Manpreet Gill and David Koelsch:  UDM Law students will work with the Strategic Partnership of Michigan interviewing low-income immigrants. The law students will provide legal advice regarding immigrant options and will provide other assistance to empower these clients.
  • Jim Vollmer and Dr. Min Xu:  Students in the MBA program at UDM will form two teams with representatives from Mumford High School and Livernois corridor business owners who are part of University Commons. These teams will discuss how to best engage Mumford High School students to develop an entrepreneurial atmosphere to motivate local high school students to develop small businesses on Livernois. The teams will also make presentations to the Mumford High School Students on topics such as the benefits of and how to create a business plan.
  • Jasmine Green & Terri Laws: UDM Students in the African American Studies program will get to know students at the Church of the Covenant after school program through ongoing tutoring relationships. At the end of the program, the UDM students will meet with congregation members and offer some reflections on how the issues studied in the course might help reshape the programs at the Church.  
  • Marianne Grima and Charles Wilson:  UDM students will meet with residents of the Haven Domestic Violence Shelter who have been sexually abused or who have been victims of domestic violence.  Students will develop an education and awareness program aimed at young adults that can be used to inform others of the harmful effects of these crimes against women. The students will also develop a list of volunteer tasks that will be used to recruit future volunteers.