Meet our Instructors

Susan McPhersonSusan McPherson: Kettlebell Fitness
My original reason for getting into fitness and health promotion was due to adolescent obesity; the total percentage of adolescents who are overweight and obese has increased substantially. With changes occurring in society, children, adolescents, and adults have become extremely sedentary; the introduction and growth of technology has been a gift and a curse. With my observations, I decided to pursue a career in health and fitness. I am currently in the process of becoming a Certified Personal Trainer. I teach a few fitness classes and hope to expand. When I'm not at the gym, I enjoy spending time doing other recreational physical activities such as biking and bowling; I also love to travel.

Jim StoutJim Stout: Yoga
Jim joined UDM in 1994, and also teaches at two yoga studios: Everyday Yoga in Royal Oak/Clawson, and Yoga Now in West Bloomfield. Jim is an avid runner and cyclist, having participated in marathons, long distance road cycling and mountain biking. Jim has the 200 hour certification as recognized by Yoga Alliance. He is also a certified spinning instructor.

Patricia "Patti Dukes" Jordan: Zumba

William BowenWilliam Bowen: Abs and Friday Bootcamp
I have always had an interest in health and fitness even at a young age.  I grew up as the fat kid in the class and spent most of my Jr. High years trimming down and maintained until grad school with a few hiccups along the route. Upon finishing my Masters in CIS at UDM I expanded my fitness objectives and even obtained a few certifications. At this time I currently hold a Group Exercise Instructor and Kettlebell Specialty Certification from NETA, Personal Trainer Certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and the American Council on Exercise (ACE), along with a Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification from NASM. Computers are my next big interest, which is why I also teach Networks and Security at the University.  This interest includes tinkering with different types of hardware and software along with participating with local tech groups.

Matt ChesleyMatt Chesley: Cardio Bootcamp/ Biggest Loser Bootcamp
I have always had a passion for fitness and wellness, but the application of my passion didn't always translate. My time at Central Michigan University, and the years following graduation, I let my passion of fitness fall to the wayside. It wasn't until a routine physical revealed some unsettling statistics that I decided to get back to where I had once been: "fit". I started the UDM Biggest Loser at the UDM Fitness Center for selfish reasons of not being alone in the process. Upon realizing that I really wasn't alone, the drive is alive and well. Down over 50 lbs since January 2013, I want to help others acheive what I have acheived. Apart from fitness, I sing and play guitar and have performed at Hard Rock Cafe Detroit, St. Andrew's Hall, and The Pike Room. I'm also married with a daughter born in July 2014.

Jim Vollmer: Kickboxing