Meet our Instructors

Susan McPherson: Kettlebell Fitness
Susan loves to have fun and bleeds green as a true MSU Spartan. If you need creativity mixed with a challenge, she can make it happen. Her goal in life is to get people engaged, sufficient, and responsible in maintaining optimal health. Susan likes advocating and motivating individuals to be proactive in managing their health. "The goal is to create a foundation for people to build on; Being able to maintain physical activity outside of a gym or athletic arena".

Jim Stout: Yoga
Jim joined UDM in 1994, and also teaches at two yoga studios: Everyday Yoga in Royal Oak/Clawson, and Yoga Now in West Bloomfield. Jim is an avid runner and cyclist, having participated in marathons, long distance road cycling and mountain biking. Jim has the 200 hour certification as recognized by Yoga Alliance. He is also a certified spinning instructor.

Patricia "Patti Dukes" Jordan: Zumba

Brandon Carey: Abs
Brandon is a nursing student and aspiring surgeon. He played 4 years of Varsity hockey in high school and one year of club hockey at UDM. He lives for the gym and loves to learn new programs and helpful facts. Technique is his biggest focus and believes that dedication is self-made. Brandon specializes in strength training and nutrition.

Matt Chesley: Cardio Bootcamp
The creator/facilitator of The UDM Biggest Loser, Matt is the Fitness and Equipment Coordinator at the UDM Fitness Center. A graduate of Central Michigan University in 2009, Matt has gone from a non-runner to competing in 5 and 10k's at least 4 times a year, all while shedding more than 40 lbs. His hobbies include lifting weights, running 5k races, and playing guitar/singing. Matt is a music fanatic and musician, having shared the stage with the likes of Fall Out Boy, Everclear and Chiodos. He continues to make music, with recent performances at Hard Rock Cafe Detroit, The Pike Room, and St. Andrews Hall.

Jim Vollmer: Kickboxing