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Fitness Classes: Fall 2015

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Introducing the URec Fit Pass!

University Recreation in the UDM Fitness Center now offers the URec Fit Pass.

For $25 per semester, you will have the opportunity to attend unlimited Yoga and Zumba classes. Without the URec Fit Pass, each Zumba and Yoga class requires a $2 drop-in fee. With at least 20 of each class offered per semester, you will be saving over $50! The URec Fit Pass is only required for Fall and Winter semesters. For more information, call 313-993-1783 or stop by the front desk!

Check Out Our Fall 2015 Class Schedule!

Fall 2015

Class Descriptions

Yoga - Designed to give students the experience of yoga as a journey. Using breath, posture, and movement, there is an opportunity to explore our bodies and minds using that deeper breath as a guide. Practice in this environment is full of playfulness, and even laughter, but it also affords a time for quiet inner reflection.

Kettlebell Fitness - A high intensity aerobic workout using kettlebells to build strength and endurance. Susan keeps up the pace with uptempo moves that will make you feel the burn!

Zumba - The perfect combination of multiple styles of dance to help melt away the pounds, while having a lot of fun dancing to today's best dancing music. Come party and get in shape with Crystal.

Cardio Bootcamp - A total body workout that focuses on building endurance and strength with High Intensity Interval Training.

Butts and Guts - Designed to build a strong lower body and a tight midsection, Butts And Guts helps you go after two of the most common "problem areas".

Total Body Strength - This strength training class will incorporate body weight movements along with weights to achieve a full body workout. All levels welcome!


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