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Fitness Classes: Winter 2017

Check Out Our Winter 2017 Class Schedule!

Classes Begin January 9th!

Winter 2016

Wake Up Call Group Training: $30 for 14 sessions or $5 drop in

All Other Fitness Classes: Free

Class Descriptions (Regular Semesterly Offerings)

Yoga: Using breath, posture, and movement, there is an opportunity to explore our bodies and minds using that deeper breath as a guide. Practice in this environment is full of playfulness, and even laughter, but it also affords a time for quiet inner reflection.
Butts & Guts: 30 minute tabata style training of the abs and glutes. Tone up for Spring Break!
Cardio Bootcamp: Built for all levels. Improve cardiovascular endurance and muscle endurance.
AM:BC: 45 minute version of Cardio Bootcamp with more focus on muscle endurance and strength building. High repetition range with low weight for great lean muscle.
Kettlebell Fitness: A high intensity aerobic workout using kettlebells to build strength and endurance.
Barre: Combines elements of ballet, pilates, sports conditioning, and flexibility training.
Cardio Kickboxing: HIIT combined with kickboxing movements and technique.
SYNRGY X: Sculpt your summer body with circuit training through TRX, battle ropes, dip bars, box jumps, and cable exercises all featured on our SYNRGY 360 machine.
Plyo X: Plyometric exercises introduced in circuit training style with other body weight movements.




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