Procession and Seating

Commencement: Saturday, May 14, 2016


Over 30 minutes is needed to line up the nearly 750 participating candidates. Once the college/school processions are formed, the various components will move to Sacred Heart Square at 12:40 p.m. and march to Calihan Hall starting at 12:45 p.m. It is tradition that a bagpiper leads the procession. The procession will arrive at Calihan Hall's northwest doors at 12:50 p.m.. Rain or shine, the procession will process. If rain is predicted, bring an umbrella to use in the procession. It is also highly recommended that you wear comfortable shoes for walking.

Commencement Seating Icon
Commencement Seating Diagram

Order of March

The order of march and presentation of degrees are dictated by college/school founding date:

  • Liberal Arts and Education - 1877
  • Engineering & Science - 1911
  • Business Administration - 1916
  • Health Professions - 1941
  • Nursing - 1941
  • Architecture - 1964

Each college/school will be led by its banner bearer who is followed by the faculty, graduate and undergraduate candidates respectively.

Candidate Seating

In Calihan Hall, follow your marshal's instructions and proceed to your numbered seat and remain standing. Leave seats empty for absent candidates. College/school seating is arranged alphabetically by degree for candidates to walk forward to have their names announced. It also serves to help your guests, if they are following the program, to know when you will be awarded your degree as well as keeping order for the professional photographers.

Once the platform party is in place, the Ceremony will begin regardless of the time. Throughout the Ceremony, listen to the Grand Marshal's instructions. The candidate seating plan will not be determined until graduation week. If your guests are interested in the general area where you will be sitting on the arena floor, have them review the seating diagram posted here or near the northeast entrance of Calihan Hall when they arrive for seating.