Commencement: Saturday, May 14, 2016

Candidates must be present in their assigned assembly rooms by 12:00 noon. (See Room Assignments)

Only those students who have sent in their RSVP card will be allowed to participate in the ceremony.  Careful planning and seating is arranged for only those who have indicated in advance that they plan to be at the ceremony. Last minute participants cannot be accommodated.

Caps & Gowns

Inside your cap there is a "front" designation. Wear your tassel on the right side of your cap. You will be instructed during the ceremony when to change it to the left. Check to see if your tassel matches the rest of your classmates receiving the same degree. If you are wearing a hood, please follow the package directions. Consult your Faculty Marshals with any questions.

Seat Assignment and Announcer Card

IMPORTANT: Individualized 3x5" color-coded index cards will be distributed to each candidate in your assembly room prior to the processional lineup. Typed on each card is the candidate's name, any honors and college/school section seat number. The number corresponds with your seat. The sequence follows the Commencement Program. Keep this card with you at all times and present to the Announcer. If the card is not presented to the Announcer, your name will not be read. The Announcers have been instructed to read only the college/school typed information. If your name is difficult to pronounce, write it phonetically on the card.

Processional Lineup

Follow the specific instruction of your Faculty Marshals. Candidates will form double columns. Facing the direction of the procession, graduates with the odd numbered ID Cards will be in the left column, graduates with the even numbers the right column. If your partner is a no show, march alone.