Frequently Asked Questions About Graduation

Commencement: Saturday, May 13, 2017

When is Graduation?

Graduation is the point at which ALL degree requirements have been met and the degree is awarded. It is the responsibility of the College/School office to certify that all degree requirements have been met and the degree information is added to your official transcript in the Office of the Registrar. Degrees are normally completed at the end of each semester but may also occur at the end of each month during the academic year when all requirements are met.  There is only one Commencement Ceremony each year on the second Saturday in May.

Whom do I have to tell that I am ready to graduate?

During the first week of the semester in which you plan to complete your degree requirements, you need to submit your graduation application online through your TitanConnect account. Summer graduates need to complete the application in the semester before they graduate in order to be eligible to participate in the May Commencement ceremony. Due dates are published in the Schedule of Classes or the Academic Calendar. 

Applications received after the deadline may result in denial to participate in the Commencement ceremony and/or delay in the date of graduation.

Is there a fee for graduation?

There is a graduation fee of $95.00 which is applied to your student account at the time you submit your application online. This fee covers the costs of Commencement whether or not you participate. If you participate in the ceremony, there will be a fee at the time you place your order with the cap and gown company.

Can I graduate in one semester and finish my courses in the next semester or session?

No. You may graduate only at the point when ALL degree requirements have been met. Your degree date will be the next available date once all requirements have been met.  There is a graduation date the last day of each month in order to accommodate those that complete degree requirements during the semester instead of at the end of a semester.

When is the graduation ceremony?

Detroit Mercy has one commencement ceremony per year which is held in May on the McNichols Campus. Students who graduate in December or plan to graduate in any month during the Summer are invited to attend the ceremony if their Application for Graduation has been received and approved and they have been approved by their college/school to participate.

I want to go to commencement. What do I have to do?

Students who have filed their Application for Graduation by the January deadline will receive a mailing in early February inviting them to participate. There will be a reservation (RSVP) card for you to return. If you believe you are eligible for Commencement, but have not received information by the end of February, contact the Registrar's Office immediately.

The Ceremony is planed for only those who RSVP by the deadline.  YOU must return the RSVP card by the April 3, 2017 deadline in order to participate in the ceremony on May 13, 2017. 

I participated in the Commencement ceremony. Does that mean I have my degree?

Commencement is ceremonial. Participation in the ceremony does not assure that all degree requirements have been met or that a degree has been or will be granted.

When will I get my diploma?

Your diploma is available after your degree has been certified and has been ordered and printed. Some student will be eligible to receive their diploma on the day of Commencement, if applicable. Diplomas and transcripts are withheld for students who owe a financial balance to the university. If you require verification of graduation or a transcript prior to receiving your diploma, contact the Registrar's Office after Commencement.

Will honors appear on my diploma?

Graduates who have compiled superior academic records during their undergraduate program at UDM will have one of the following honors inscribed on their diploma and recorded on their permanent academic transcript: cum laude (3.50 GPA minimum), magna cum laude (3.70 GPA minimum), summa cum laude (3.90 GPA minimum). These GPA requirements are in effect for students entering UDM as of Fall 2011. Any student who started their degree program prior to Fall 2011 (when new rules went into effect) and has not finished their bachelor degree by May 2015 will be required to follow these GPA requirements. All coursework in the cumulative GPA at UDM is used in the calculation for honors. Transfer students must complete at least 60 hours at UDM to be eligible for honors recognition. The responsibility for determining appropriate academic honors rests with the individual colleges/schools. Candidates enrolled in the Honors Program, who have completed the established requirements of the program, will have honors suitably inscribed as part of their degree name on their diploma.

What will be on my diploma?

Diplomas are printed on 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper in landscape format. Included will be your:

  • Name
  • Degree title
  • Latin honors, where applicable
  • Date degree was awarded

What name can I have on my diploma?

The name on your diploma must match the name used on your official student records at Detroit Mercy. After the diploma has been printed, your graduation record is official, and the name on your diploma cannot be changed. 

If you are officially changing your name before your diploma is ordered, you must bring the legal proof of your name change to the Office of the Registrar before you submit your graduation application online.

I have a double major. Will I get two diplomas?

No. A double major only meets the requirements for one degree. If you wish to get a second undergraduate degree, you must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours beyond those required for the first degree and meet the requirements for the second degree.

Why didn't my name appear in the Commencement program?

The program is sent to the printer several weeks before the ceremony. If you filed your Application for Graduation late, your name may not appear in the program. To ensure that your name appears in the Commencement program, you must file your Application for Graduation by the deadline before the beginning of the semester in which you plan to graduate.  Summer graduates need to apply before the Winter semester to be invited to the May ceremony, if qualified.

I graduated and just noticed an error on my transcript. How can I get it corrected?

You need to contact your college/school as soon as you notice the error. The college/school will work with the Registrar's Office if it is determined that an error has occurred and must be corrected.

I applied to graduate, but now I won't be finished this semester. Do I need to apply to graduate again?

You do not need to file another Application for Graduation or pay another graduation fee. See your Dean's Office about changing your expected date of graduation. There may be a fee increase depending on when you originally applied and when you are now expected to graduate.

I lost my diploma. How can I get a duplicate?

Duplicate diplomas are available through the Office of the Registrar for $35.00 for the 8 1/2 x 11 size. Duplicate diplomas from the School of Law or School of Dentistry are $50.00 and are 11 x 14 in size. Normal processing takes up to 6 weeks. Orders can be picked up or mailed to you when they arrive.

All duplicate diplomas will have a reissue date noted on the diploma.

What color is my cap and gown?

Your cap and gown are black. The tassel on your cap will represent your degree color which is determined by the Academic Costume Code. If you are receiving a master's degree, specialist degree, or a doctorate, the color of the lining of your hood will also represent your degree.

Where can I get more information about Commencement if I need it?

Visit the commencement web site and use the menu on that page to link to current Commencement information.