Career Outcomes Data

About the Data Collected:

Graduate survey data for undergraduate level programs is collected three times a year within three months of graduation. Based on a list of FY12 graduates (including names, addresses, and phone numbers) retrieved from Reports generated through the ODS Report Writer system the Career Education Center contacted each student receiving an undergraduate degree in FY12, utilizing the following methods:

  • initial paper and business reply envelope mailed to address;
  • initial email sent to Preferred email address retrieved from ODS Report Writer;
  • reminder postcard send three weeks after initial mailing;
  • reminder email sent to preferred email address;
  • final letter sent three weeks after reminder postcard;
  • final email sent three weeks after follow-up email;

Approximately six months following graduation, phone calls were made to graduates who had not yet responded to the Graduate Survey, in an effort to reach a higher percentage of FY12 graduates, as well as to update graduates' employment statistics.

Salaries are self-reported by graduates. Reported salaries outside of the normal high/low salary range were excluded to avoid skewing overall salary averages. Higher than average salaries were reported by graduates with significant experience in the field prior to conferring of degree.

Undergraduate Career Outcomes

The National Association of Colleges and Employers offers the most accurate compensation data available. Click here to access the NACE Salary Calculator Center.

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