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On-Campus Interviewing and Employer Office Hours

Campus Interviewing is your opportunity to interview well-qualified candidates in the fields of architecture, business, engineering, science, liberal arts, education, human services, and health professions. Our office will market your interview date and recruiting criteria via our online interactive interview system, campus bulletin boards, during class presentations, etc. Based on the criteria provided and the type of schedule(s) requested, candidates would respond either by submitting a resume for pre-selection or choosing an interview time slot.

For more information contact the Elissa Clemons at (313)993-1449 or clemonel@udmercy.edu

Employer Office Hours

Take advantage of the opportunity to connect with students and be a "Career Advisor for a Day." This is not meant to be a recruiting event, but instead a way to build your brand and increase your visibility on campus.

This is a great way to give back and assist students with their career exploration. Employer representatives can include: recruiters, partners, managers, or UDM alumni.

The Office Hours are located in the Career Education Center and give students the opportunity to meet with a professional in their field of interest in a less formal, informational interview setting. Office Hours are generally held for a 3 hour period, Wednesdays through Fridays.  The Career Center handles scheduling students for appointments (30 minutes or less) or, if requested by the employer, can advertise the visit for students to participate in a walk-in basis.

Requests should be made four to six weeks in advance if possible, and approvals will be granted on a first-come, space-available basis. Interested employers should send an email to Elisa Clemons at careerlink@udmercy.edu and include the following information:

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