8th Grade

Getting Ready for High School

As a general rule, the grades received in the eighth grade are not used on a student’s GPA, nor do they appear on a student’s high school transcript.  (Sometimes when an advanced course, like Algebra, is taken in the eighth grade, credit is given, and grades for that course are included in a student’s GPA.) The eighth grade is, nevertheless, an important year for the reasons listed below.

  1. Even though grades earned in the eighth grade usually do not officially “count,” these grades are often used to determine ninth grade course placement.  A student, for example may need an A or B in eighth grade math to be eligible to take Algebra I as a freshman.
  2. Students who develop good study skills in middle school/junior high are much better prepared for high school.
  3. Eighth grade students generally select their freshman courses in the spring.  Since all freshman courses and grades become part of a student’s high school record, freshman courses need to be chosen very carefully. Spring is also a good time for you and your son or daughter to develop a four-year high school plan.
  4. Students who are involved in activities have greater academics success and they usually enjoy high school more.  College and scholarship committees also like to see that students are well-rounded and active. With these things in mind, help your son or daughter identify several specific high school activities that he/she might enjoy.