Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration

Freshman Orientation Phase I:
Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR)

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Welcome to Orientation

SOAR is a two-day session where you’ll become familiar with campus life by actually living on campus, touring the buildings and registering for the first semester classes that you and your advisor decide fit your needs. The Admissions Office and the Student Life Office have joined with our academic advisors to provide you with an outstanding Summer Orientation program that will give you a sneak peek at UDM life. The program even has the seal of approval from current students, many of whom are involved as volunteer Orientation Leaders—wanting to make your orientation as special as theirs was.

  • Meeting Other New Students
    A big part of SOAR is spending time with your new classmates in a casual setting. Together you’ll learn what the University is all about—the basic “who? what? when? where? why?”—so that you can put your best foot forward when you start classes. You’ll also hear more about your area of academic interest from various faculty members and professors. There are activities and meals to build friendships, and an overnight stay in our freshman residence hall so you can become more comfortable with campus life. And whether you’ll be living on campus or at home, this two-day program will give you a good glimpse of the University.
  • Meeting Your Academic Advisor
    During SOAR, you’ll have the chance to meet with an academic advisor, who will help you map out a plan for your undergraduate course work leading to a degree in your chosen field. Your advisor will also help you select your first year courses, and help you formally register for the fall semester.
  • Placement Exams
    In order to help your advisor recommend the appropriate level of courses that will be most in line with your academic preparation, we schedule placement exams, as needed, in English, math, chemistry, foreign languages and computer skills. These exams are not graded and do not count as part of any course work, but they can be very helpful in allowing us to place you where you’ll perform the best…and where you’ll receive supplemental help if you need it. Find out about placement tests.

>> See a detailed daily schedule for SOAR

If you have any questions
about admissions, financial aid, the tuition payment plan, on-campus housing, SOAR, PTV, academic advising, registering for classes, health services – or anything else –
call your UDM admissions counselor at 800-635-5020.

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