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PTV - Prologues, Transitions and Viewpoints

Phase II of UDM freshman orientation is "Prologues, Transitions & Viewpoints" or PTV. (Phase I is SOAR.) PTV is a four-day orientation session that takes place in August, just before the fall term begins. During PTV, you'll get to know your classmates as well as other members of the UDM community.

The UDM experience is unlike any other in your life. The academic challenges and co-curricular activities that await you will serve you well beyond college into your chosen career and your adult life. Your classmates are diverse, reflecting the global community of the world today.  They come from all over the U.S. as well as foreign countries—bringing with them varied cultures, traditions, and life experiences. This diversity—and the common denominator of embarking together on your collegiate life—provides you with a solid foundation for friendship and mutual respect. PTV will give you a jump start on making your UDM education both successful and personally rewarding. Here are the components of PTV:


Prologues is a unique, on-campus program focusing on academics and emphasizing interaction, integration, and connection with faculty. You will be first introduced to UDM professors from various disciplines who will discuss academic success in college.

Next, you will attend special sessions to hear from faculty in their specific major. The time spent alongside members of the University’s faculty will help prepare you for the rigors of academic work.


There is something special about the kind of friendships that are created through bond-sharing experiences. Participation in Transitions will give you a good foundation to begin college life by developing personal identity and interpersonal relationships with current UDM students and the University community at large.

You will participate in activities structured to create awareness of personal value and a sense of community and connectedness. At UDM, we want great things for our students —which starts with a successful transition to college.


Detroit is a city blessed with many remarkable resources that contribute to the education of UDM students. The city’s museums, theaters and architecture are ranked among the nation’s finest. Even more so, the people who live and work in Detroit make it a diverse and exciting city.

Like other urban areas, Detroit also faces many challenges. Viewpoints is a day-long introduction to the city’s remarkable social and cultural environments that will help you understand the needs of the city and its residents and develop the leadership skills necessary to address those needs.

You will spend a few hours at one of several Detroit social services agencies—such as Focus:HOPE, Crossroads, the Catholic Worker, or Habitat for Humanity—engaged in service learning. You will learn about the city and its residents while providing genuine service to others.

You will then take a guided walking tour of Detroit’s downtown area and its landmarks. You will learn how the city has begun a residential and commercial revitalization process that will take Detroit into the future. A highlight of the tour is a visit to Pizza Papalis in Greektown.

At the end of PTV, you will take part in First Year Convocation. This event formally marks the beginning of your college experience and officially welcomes you to UDM.

All freshmen (residential and commuters) are required to participate in PTV. However, due to the large number of resident students, we are unable to provide overnight housing for commuter students during PTV. A confirmation letter with the necessary details will be mailed prior to the start of Orientation.  

Note: A non-refundable freshman orientation fee will be assessed to all student accounts. This fee includes participation in SOAR, PTV, and Parent Orientation.