Placement Testing at UDM

During Orientation, students will take UDM’s placement tests.  You will be asked to complete all tests, regardless if you have any Advanced Placement (AP) or transfer credit.  If you have transfer credit in one of the subjects below, your test results will be used for advising purposes. Performance on placement tests will be used in determining your academic schedule.  For students in accelerated programs or other prescriptive programs, placement could impact your standing in these programs.


This test requires that you write an essay in response to a prompt. You may choose to write your essay in Microsoft Word or long-hand, but you may not access the Internet.  Pencil and paper will be provided to you; you may use a pen if you wish, but you must bring your own.  The time limit for this test is one hour.  Your essay will be scored anonymously by members of the English faculty, and the results will be used in conjunction with your ACT scores and self-assessment to place you into the appropriate English writing class.


The Math placement test is a paper/pencil test developed by the Mathematics Department.  The time limit for the test is 60 minutes.  You may not use a calculator or a cell phone during the test.  It is recommended that you review you high school math before taking the placement test (particularly Algebra and graphs; for students hoping to place into Calculus, review trigonometry.)  Besides your high school text books, you may want to check out or


UDM administers the Toledo Chemistry Placement Exam.  Students who are majoring in Software Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental, Pre-Physician Assistant, Nursing, Engineering, or either the 7-year BS/BA – DDS Program or the 5-year Physician Assistant Program must take the chemistry placement exam. Depending on educational goals, students majoring in Mathematics may need to take the chemistry placement test as well.

Computer Applications

You will be asked to complete a survey of your computer skills. The results will be used to recommend an appropriate computer course.


Language placement tests are available during Orientation for Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Latin, and Spanish.  All language placement tests are multiple choice and/or fill-in-the-blank and take approximately one hour.  Since you will be placed into an appropriate level course based on your test score, you may wish to review prior to Orientation.  Students who wish to earn credit in or to take a placement test in language other than those listed above, should contact the Language & Cultural Training Department at 313-993-1102.

Special Testing Accommodations

If you require special testing accommodations, please contact Emilie Wetherington, Director of Disability Support Services, at 313-993-1158, at least one week in advance of your Orientation date.

If you have questions regarding any of the placement tests, please call Susan Trudeau,
Director of Student Success Center, at 313-993-3383.