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University of Detroit Mercy offers a unique service-learning education with quality academic programs, supportive faculty, and hands-on learning opportunities through internships and cooperative education placements. Our academics are infused with value-based methods emphasizing ethics and social responsibility – the lifeline and drive behind the spirit of our community. We thoroughly believe in a well-rounded college experience – which is why we choose to complement our strong curriculum with enriching campus life right at the doorstep of big city opportunity. Detroit Mercy students are prepared for successful careers and rewarding lives from entrepreneurial endeavors to corporate America and beyond.

Application Deadlines   
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November 1, 2016          Early Decision 1

November 1, 2016          5-Year Physician Assistant Program

November 1, 2016          7-Year Dental Program 1 

December 1, 2016          Scholarship Priority

January 1, 2017             Early Decision 2

January 1, 2017             7-Year Dental Program 2

March 1, 2017                Regular Admission 

Notification Dates

December 1, 2016           Early Decision 1

February 1, 2017             Early Decision 2

Rolling                          Regular Admission

Student Reply Dates                                                                                                

January 16, 2017             Early Decision 1

March 15, 2017               Early Decision 2

May 1, 2017                   Regular Admission 

Consider Your Admission Plan 

You may apply to Detroit Mercy either under the Early Decision or Regular Admission plan.  To help you decide which plan is the best fit for you, read the descriptions below or contact the Office of Admissions at 800-635-5020 to speak with an admissions counselor.

Early Decision – This admission plan allows you to show us that Detroit Mercy is your first choice.  You’ll receive extra attention, a quicker decision turnaround, and a generous scholarship and financial aid offer.  Early Decision is binding, which means that if you are accepted to Detroit Mercy, you agree to enroll at Detroit Mercy, and withdraw other college applications.

Regular Admission – Regular Admission allows you time to create the strongest application possible and to submit the best academic credentials as we take into consideration your first semester, senior year grades when reviewing your academic standing.

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