Financial Aid for Michigan Residents

Michigan Tuition Grant (MTG)/Michigan Competitive Scholarship (MCS)

University of Detroit Mercy is a private university and therefore Michigan residents who attend UDM may be eligible to receive a grant from the State of Michigan called Michigan Tuition Grant (MTG) or Michigan Competitive Scholarship (MCS). Students are only eligible for one of these, not both. To apply for one of these grants, the student and parent(s) must be Michigan residents, the student must complete the FAFSA by March 1st each year and the student must list UDM school code 002323 as the first school choice on the FAFSA.

The Financial Aid office will determine if the student appears to qualify for MTG/MCS. If MTG/MCS appears on your award letter, please keep in mind that this award is an estimate based on the current year projected State of Michigan award funding levels. This award level is contingent on the Legislature continuing the funding for these programs in the State's Budget.

Michigan Tuition Grant (MTG)/Michigan Competitive Scholarship (MCS) applies to undergraduate students only.

Program Name
On UDM award
(eligibility is estimated)
Need based Michigan resident & FAFSA driven Estimated Award from UDM; Official notice from State of Michigan