All International Graduate Students

Graduate students may qualify for a limited number of teaching or research assistantships, and typically these are awarded to newly admitted and enrolled first-term graduate international students upon review by the Academic Department or College. So, unfortunately, I cannot determine during the admissions process whether someone will or will not get a teaching or research assistantship. So, unless UDM awards you a grant, scholarship, or tuition discount, please be prepared to fund your educational stay in the U.S.

NOTE: If you score 600 or better on the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT), you will qualify for a half-tuition scholarship towards a graduate business degree at the University of Detroit Mercy. All you need to do to qualify is submit qualifying GMAT Scores to the Admissions Office. The half-tuition scholarship based on GMAT scores is not applicable towards non-business degree programs, and the half-tuition scholarship cannot be combined with other UDM grants, scholarships, or tuition discounts.