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Second Degree Option Nursing Program

Sources of financial aid for students in the Second Degree Option Nursing Program may include scholarships, grants, and loans.  We encourage everyone to file the FAFSA in order to maximize their federal and state aid eligibility.

Many students in the SDO program do not work while they are in school.  Because students often need additional financial aid to help with the costs of room/board, travel, and books, since they are not working, many students will choose to borrow additional private educational loans for these other expenses.  Private loans are optional and approval for a private loan is subject to credit review and lender approval.  Students must complete a separate loan application to apply for a private loan.

On the financial aid award letter for SDO students, our office lists the maximum amount of a private loan which students may request for each term of the program.  The amount of the private loan is determined based on the cost of attendance for the term (which is made up of the costs of tuition, fees, and estimated book, room/board, and travel expenses), and other financial aid the student is receiving.

This program crosses two different academic years, so in order for students to receive financial aid for all three terms of the program, students must complete two different versions of the FAFSA.  In order to qualify for federal aid for the Summer 2016 term, students must complete the 2015-2016 FAFSA.  In order to qualify for federal aid for the Fall 2016 and Winter 2017 terms, students must complete the 2016-17 FAFSA.  Students will receive two different TitanConnect awards.  One award will show their summer aid eligibility.   The other award will show their fall and winter aid eligibility.

It is important for students to know that Stafford loan eligibility is limited, even for 5th year undergraduate students.  Students may not borrow more than $57,500 in Stafford loans (this includes Stafford loans from undergraduate).  Since students enrolled in the Second Degree Option Nursing Program are enrolled as a 5th year student, it is very important for students to keep track of their Stafford loan borrowing and budget their use of funds accordingly. Students may view their Stafford loan history by logging into the National Student Loan Data System at www.nslds.ed.gov.  To log into the site, students need to use their FSA I.D. for U.S. Department of Education websites (this is the same FSA I.D. students use to provide an electronic signature on the FAFSA).