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Nurse Anesthesiology

Sources of financial aid for students enrolled in the Nurse Anesthesiology program may include private scholarships, loans and work study.  We encourage everyone to file the FAFSA in order to maximize their federal and state aid eligibility.

Graduate students who are enrolled in the Nurse Anesthesiology program may qualify for a Nurse Traineeship award.  This grant funding is very limited and availability of funds varies from year-to-year.  Students may contact the Nurse Anesthesiology department for more information about this award.

Several departments on campus have openings for graduate teaching or research assistants.  Graduate assistants may be eligible to receive tuition remission.  Students who are interested in teaching or research assistant positions should contact the department they are interested in working in for information about open positions.

Many students in this program do not work while they are in school.  Because students often need additional financial aid to help with the costs of room/board, travel, and books, since they are not working, many students will choose to borrow additional loans for these other expenses.

On the financial aid award letter for Nurse Anesthesiology students, our office lists the maximum amount of Stafford and Graduate PLUS loans which students may request for each term of that award year.  The amounts of these loans are determined based on the cost of attendance for the term (which is made up of the costs of tuition, fees, and estimated book, room/board, and travel expenses), Department of Education loan limits, and other financial aid the student is receiving.