Financial Aid for Joint UDM / Aquinas Nursing Program

Sources of financial aid for undergraduate students enrolled in the joint UDM / Aquinas nursing program may include scholarships, grants, and loans.  We encourage everyone to file the FAFSA in order to maximize their federal and state aid eligibility.  

There are types of financial aid that are unique to undergraduate students who are enrolled in the nursing program, such as the Nursing Student Loan.  Please note that these financial aid funds are limited and availability of the funds varies from year-to-year.  If a student qualifies for either of these types of financial aid, the fund(s) will be listed on the award letter as part of the student’s financial aid package.  In order to be considered each year for eligibility for these funds, the student must have a FAFSA on file at UDM.

Students enrolled in UDM / Aquinas nursing program are assessed tuition and fees at the UDM rate.  Room and board is assessed at the Aquinas rate.  For the 2014-15 year, the rates are:

Tuition and registration fee (UDM) 
Room and Board (Aquinas campus) 
Books and supplies (estimated) 

Aquinas Program Confirmation fee (new students only)   

Nursing Fee