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Student Responsibilities

  1. Submit your timesheet on time (every payday Friday), and make sure it is complete with file number, student ID number and signatures.
  2. Report accurately the hours/dates worked (max 20 per week).
  3. Monitor earnings if Federal Work-Study Employee/ Stay within your work-study award amount.
  4. Stop working immediately if your enrollment status falls below half-time (6 credits undergrad; 5 credits graduate student).
  5. Report to work on time.
  6. Notify your supervisor as soon as possible when you will be late or unable to work.
  7. Perform your work in a professional manner.
  8. Take your job seriously, and perform at your highest level.
  9. Refrain from conducting personal business on the job.
  10. Maintain confidentiality of information.
  11. Do not falsify any information on your time card or employment application. (Falsification of information is a cause for immediate dismissal from the Student Employment Program at UDM and may be grounds for other punitive or legal action).
  12. Dress appropriately for the job location.
  13. If a problem arises, discuss it with your supervisor and try to resolve it.
  14. If you are unable to resolve a problem, contact the Student Employment Coordinator.