University Scholarships

Academic Scholarship and Grants

The University of Detroit Mercy offers generous scholaships and grants to undergraduate students through the admissions process.  The amount of the award is based on academic achievement, test scores and demonstrated need.  Students are encouraged to complete a FAFSA in the first year so that the need portion of the scholarship can be determined.  FAFSA's are not required for renewal except where noted.  To receive these renewable scholarships, you must be enrolled full-time in a regularly scheduled term (Term 1 or 2, unless on co-op) and maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average (except where indicated):

  • Catholic Education University Grant
  • Dean's Scholarship2,3
  • Insignis Scholarship1,3
  • Jesuit Founders Scholarship1
  • Jesuit-Mercy Scholarship3
  • Jesse Slaton1,3
  • Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship1
  • Spiritus Scholarship2,3
  • Theatre Company Performance Scholarship
  • UDM Grant3
  • Need Based Grant - must complete a FAFSA each year to determine eligibiity
  • America's Marketing Scholarship - for undergraduate programs only
  • Benefactors,3
  • Honors Scholarship - for undergraduate programs only
  • Project Innovation - for undergraduate programs only
  • Re-Build Detroit  - must maintain a 2.75 undergraduate grade point average, must complete a FAFSA each year to determine eligibiity 
  • Detroit Scholarship Fund (Formerly know as COMPACT)2 - for undergraduate programs only

1 Must maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average

2 Must maintain a minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average

3 Renewable for 4-6 years, depending on the program.  Beginning with the 2014-15 academic year, students admitted to 5 and 6 year programs will receive a prorated scholarship during their graduate coursework.

Other Grants, Discounts and Remissions

Alumni Grant

Full time undergraduate students who are dependent of an alum from University of Detroit Mercy, University of Detroit or Mercy college are eligible for this $1000 tuition grant.  This grant can be used in combination with other University scholarships or grants, not to exceed tuition.  Renewable for up to 8 semester and must maintain a minimum 2.0 grade piont average. Contact Admissions to determine eligibility.

School Educator's Tuition Remission

Full time teacher, substitute, administrator, counselor, paraprofessional, teacher's aide or ed tech in a public or private educational center, enrolled in a program certifiable or endorseable for teaching byt the State of Michigan can receive a 60% tuition discount.  A new application must be submitted each term, not more than one month prior to the start of the term, by the following deadlines: 

  • Fall - October 1
  • Winter - February 1
  • Summer 1 or 3 - June 1
  • Summer 2 - July 1

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Religious Discount

Persons serving in ministerial capacities, whether ordained or laity, may be eligible for the 50% UDM Religious Discount. Eligibility is limited to religious, clergy, lay persons serving a parish or congregation full-time, enrolled in courses directly related to their ministerial work (ex. Religious Studies). Part-Time and Volunteer students in one of these positions must show evidence of a substantial quantitative and qualitative commitment to their ministerial work. A new application must be submitted each term by the following deadlines:

  • Fall - October 1
  • Winter - February 1
  • Summer 1 or 3 - June 1
  • Summer 2 - July 1

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Vendor Tuition Discount Program

Current full time employees, their spouses and dependent children of Primary Vendor Companies of University of Detroit Mercy are eligible for a 25% discount on tuition, not to be combined with other Detroit Mercy scholarship, grant tuition remission or discount.  Students in the Dental Program are not eligible.  Students remain eligible as long as they are in good standing and the full time employee remains enployed at the vendor company.  A new application must be submitted each term by the following deadlines:

  • Fall - October 1
  • Winter - February 1
  • Summer 1 or 3 - June 1
  • Summer 2 - July 1
  • Law Intersession - May 15
  • Law Summer Session - June 20

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Primary Vendor Companies

(As of 8/5/2016)

  • Absopure
  • Archdiocese of Detroit
  • American Axle
  • Beaumont Health System
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield Care
  • Boise Cascade
  • Chase
  • City of Detroit
  • Coca - Cola
  • Comerica
  • Community Care Services
  • Continental
  • Credit Union One
  • Chrysler
  • Delphi
  • Detroit Medical Center (DMC)
  • DTE
  • Enertron
  • Ford
  • General Motors Corporation (GM)
  • Genesys Health System
  • HAP
  • Hatteras
  • Henry Ford Health System
  • Heritage Optical
  • Hines Intrest
  • Plante - Moran
  • Service Master
  • Sodexo
  • St. John Providence Health System
  • State of Michigan
  • Trinity/St. Josephs Mercy/St. Mary's Health Systems
  • Unisys
  • U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs
  • Wayne County

Senior Citizen Discount

This 50% tuition discount is available to undergraduate students who are at least 65 years of age.  It is not to be combined with any other UDM grant, scholarship, remission or tuition discount.  Students must provide documentation to verify current age to the Scholarship and Financial Aid Office, with a request for the discount to be applied.  The Senior Citizen Discount is renewable.

Dylenski Travel Grant

Grant for students in the College of Liberal Arts and Education (CLAE) for the summer session International Experience.  Students can obtain an application from the program coordinator in CLAE and submit to the financial aid office no later thank the end of February.  The financial aid staff will complete the financial aid section of the application and submit to the program coordinator by the beginning of March.  The program administrator will coordinate the selection process with Janie Dylenski.  These funds are refundable to assist with travel expenses.  Award amounts vary.


Scholarships awarded each year with preference to full time undergraduate minority and/or female children or spouse of current Ford employees.  Award amounts vary based on amount in fund and number of qualified applicants.  Application must be submitted by date on the application.

Founder's Grant

This $1,000 per year tuition scholarship is available to full time undergraduate students who complete their last two years of high school at a Jesuit or Mercy high school in the U.S. and enter Detroit Mercy right out of high school.  This can be combined with other tuition scholarships, not to exceed tuition, it is renewable for 8 undergraduate semesters.  Awarded by Admissions.

MPLCC - McNichols Puritan Lodge Community Counsel

Full tuition scholarship for undergraduate students renewable for 8 semesters, must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA.  Up to two scholarships for incoming freshmen selected each year by the admissions office.

Sibling Tuition Discount

Full time undergraduate students may be eligible for $1,000 per year, fall and winter semesters only,  if they and a sibling attend Detroit Mercy in the same semester.  The sibling does not have to be in an undergraduate program but must be a full time student.  Aquinas nursing students are elgigible if their sibling attends Detroit Mercy.  UDM employees or their dependents are not eligible.  Application is required each year.

Donor Scholarship

A variety of scholarships may become available as gifts are made to the University.  Amounts and selection vary with donor requests.  Awardees selected by review of eligible students and/or by review of student requests for additional funds.  The request for additional funds can be made by completing the required form, in person, in the financial aid office.