Michigan Tuition Grant/Competitive Scholarship

The Michigan Tuition Grant or Competitive Scholarship is a State scholarship or grant that may be awarded for full time or part time (at least half time) enrollment. This is awarded to students who are and have been Michigan Residents for at least 2 years - parents of dependent students must also meet this residency guidelines.  In addition to residency, students must have UDM listed as the first choice on their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  They must also show Financial Need (scientific calculation done through FAFSA) and they must complete their FAFSA by the State of Michigan Deadline of March 1st.

Students attending less than full time receive prorated amounts of the full time award.  These are need based and may be affected by any other gift aid a student receives.

These funds are awarded as estimated until we receive final funding from the state and funds will not pay out to the student's account until we have received payment from the State.