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Federal Graduate PLUS Loan

Eligibility Requirements

In addition to program specific eligibility requirements students must also meet general eligibility requirements to be eligible for all federal grants and loans.  Contact your financial aid advisor if you have any questions regarding your eligibility for federal financial aid.

Grad PLUS Eligibility

Grad PLUS is available to graduate students who:

How to apply

  1. Accept all or part of the Grad PLUS on your financial aid award in TitanConnect
  2. Complete a Grad PLUS Direct Loan Master Promissory Note.
    NOTE: The MPN will be valid for 10 years provided a PLUS loan is disbursed within 12 months of the MPN signing.
  3. New borrowers must complete a Grad PLUS Entrance Interview


 Loan limits

Interest rate

Loan fees

What occurs during Grad PLUS processing?

  1. After the loan is accepted in TitanConnect, we confirm your eligibility for a Grad PLUS and transmit the application to the PLUS loan servicer.
  2. Student completes Grad PLUS MPN
  3. The servicer performs a credit check.
  4. The servicer notifies you about acceptance or rejection of the loan.
  5. If the loan is approved, funds are sent directly to UDM and applied against your bill.

How is Grad PLUS repaid?