Federal Work Study Program

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a federally-funded financial aid program designed to help students meet educational costs through the use of part-time employment (maximum of 20 hours per week). Work-study is awarded as a part of a need-based financial aid package for students expressing interest on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). To be eligible for a work-study award, a student must be enrolled at least half-time (6 credit hours for undergraduates; 5 credit hours for graduate students) during the regular academic year. Funds awarded to students from this program are estimates of their maximum earnings potential through campus employment. Awards range from $600-$2500 depending on a students need for the academic year. Freshmen and transfer students may be eligible to earn up to $2500 per year depending on their financial need.

Participation in the work-study program is optional. A work-study award does not guarantee employment. A student must obtain their work-study packet authorizing them to work and secure a work-study job by the deadline (contact Financial Aid for deadline dates). To earn work-study funds a student must submit their completed application packet to the Financial Aid Office before their first day of work. Job posting may be found on the Titan Career Link web page  or on the Student Employment bulletin board outside of the Financial Aid Office. (See the Student Employment section of this website for further details).

 The earnings are not automatically applied toward the student's outstanding charges. However, students can work to earn these funds and apply them toward their bill and may elect to have a payroll deduction directly to their account.  Students who choose to take advantage of this opportunity must work and submit a timesheet approved by their supervisor for their hours worked. Students must follow the Student Employment Payday Calendar, schedule to submit their timesheets. The student will receive a regular paycheck every other Friday for the time they have worked.

The University of Detroit Mercy reserves 7% of its Federal Work Study allocation to employ students in community service positions.

College work-study earnings do not qualify for unemployment under the Michigan Employment Security Commission.