2013-2014 Graduate Tuition & Fees

Let us help you with the math. Talk to a financial aid counselor. Also, many programs have assistantships, fellowships, and other fee-waiver programs. Please consult your chosen program.


Liberal Arts & Education, Science, Business Administration, Software Engineering
Per credit hour

Health Professions, Nursing, Community Development
Per credit hour (Discounted Rate)

Nurse Anesthesiology
Track I per term
Track II per term

Physician Assistant
Per credit hour (1-4 credit hours)
Track 1 Full-time flat rate (5+ credit hours)
Track 2 Part-time flat rate (5+ credit hours)

Per credit hour

Per credit hour, 1-11 credit hours

12-18 credit hours (flat rate per term)

Each credit hour over 18 $1,410

Off-Campus Programs (discount rates)
Please see http://www.udmercy,edu/cost-offcampus for more details
Varies by program

Study Abroad
Varies by program

Co-op Tuition (per assignment)
Co-op Training Tuition Parallel


Co-op Training Tuition Alternating

General Fees
Late Payment Fee
Late Registration Fee