What to Expect After You Have Completed FAFSA

FAFSA / Award Notification


You will receive an email notice from the U.S. Department of Education with instructions on how to view your Student Aid Report (SAR).

Or you may receive an SAR in the mail if you did not provide an email address or if you did not sign your FAFSA.

How Your Aid is Determined

Your financial aid is based on your FAFSA results as well as your "Cost of Attendance", a figure that is estimated based on your tuition and fees, housing, transportation and other expenses for an academic year.

Academic Year

At the University of Detroit Mercy, an academic year consists of Fall, Winter and a Summer semester.  With the exception of a few programs that require year round attendance, financial aid is generally packaged for Fall and Winter.  Students that would like financial aid for a summer term, not enrolled in a year round program will need to submit a institutional Summer Financial Aid Application.

Award Notification

Expect to receive your award notification by email when your file becomes complete.  The emails will be sent to official UDM student email accounts.  Students will use TitanConnect to access student account information, including financial aid awards. 

Determine how much financial aid you will need by using the budget information found in TitanConnect, or by using the UDM Fees Card. Confirm the award in TitanConnect by "Accepting", "Declining" or reducing the aid offered. It's that simple!

The University of Detroit Mercy will process Federal Student Loans, including Stafford, PLUS and Grad PLUS through the Federal Direct Loan Program.  ALL new borrowers to the Direct Loan Program will be required to complete a new Master Promissory Note (MPN).  Students borrowing for the first time will also be required to complete an Entrance Interview as well.  The Entrance Counseling is an on line tutorial about the loan programs.  You must respond to your award notification within 30 days of its date to receive awarded funds.  If you do not accept your award, funds may be reallocated to other students. 

Parents accepting the PLUS loan will need to complete and return a Parent PLUS Loan Application as well as completing an MPN.


ALL AWARDS ARE SUBJECT TO AN ADJUSTMENT if any of the following take place:

  • Your enrollment status changes

     Number of Credit Hours
     Enrollment Status Full-time Three-Quarter Time Half-Time Less than Half-Time*
    Undergraduate 12+ 9-11 6-8 1-5
    Graduate 9+ 7-8 4.5-6 1-4
    Dental students are usually full-time
    Law School students indicate credit hours on their Institutional Application
    * Funding limited to Federal Pell grant, if eligible
  • Your living arrangements change
  • Received aid not listed on the original award
  • Your employer or another source contributes to your education
  • Your FAFSA information changes after verification
  • The granting authority (state or federal government, private agency, ect.) revises its award
If your award changes, you will receive a notification of a change to your award with instructions about reviewing the current award in TitanConnect.  If you know that a change is necessary, please contact financial aid at (313)993-3350.

Request for Additional Information: 

Some applications require that additional information be submitted before it is complete.  Please respond promptly to all requests and include your student number on each document.  You may also be selected for Verification.  It is important that you respond promptly as federal financial aid cannot be released to your account until verification has been completed.

Special Circumstances/Professional Judgements

In some cases, the information presented on the FAFSA may not reflect the family's true ability to contribute towards a students education.  In cases where an unusual circumstance, such as, loss of work/income, death or birth in the family, etc. may affect the ability to contribute, financial aid professionals can sometimes make adjustments that more accurately reflect the family circumstances.  To be considered for this type of review, students must submit the Special Cirumstances form, with all pertinent documentation to the financial aid office. 

Dependency Overrides

On rare occasion there may be a need to override a student's dependency status.  A financial aid administrator (FAA) may do dependency overrides on a case-by-case basis for students with unusual circumstances. If the FAA determines that an override is appropriate, she must write out the determination and retain it and the supporting documentation. However, none of the conditions listed below, singly or in combination, qualify as unusual circumstances meriting a dependency override: 

  • Parents refuse to contribute to the student’s education.
  • Parents are unwilling to provide information on the FAFSA or for verification.
  • Parents do not claim the student as a dependent for income tax purposes.
  • Student demonstrates total self-sufficiency.

Unusual circumstances do include (and may cause any of the above conditions) abandonment by parents, an abusive family environment that threatens the student’s health or safety, or the student being unable to locate
his parents. In such cases a dependency override might be warranted.  If your circumstances warrant a dependency override, contact your financial aid advisor for guidance.

Disbursement Information

Financial aid is expected to be released to student accounts 10 days prior to the start of classes for each semester.  Aid cannot be disbursed until the requirements are met for each program.  Disbursements to student accounts continue as requirements are met.  If the disbursement of aid to student accounts create a credit balance, refunds will be released to students within 14 days of the financial aid payment.  The University of Detroit Mercy recommends students set up Direct Deposit for financial aid refunds as students will have access to the funds earlier than those who are issued paper checks. 

Students can sign up for Direct Deposit in TitanConnect, on the Student tab, under Student Account.  Students who do not select to receive refunds by Direct Deposit will be issued a paper check, which will be mailed to the Home Address listed in their TitanConnect Account.